The following is a record of all the things that have been lost, stolen, abandoned or sent home during our travels.


  • Rough Guides “Ecuador” (an airplane on the way to Peru) [J]
  • 2 x contact lens cases (Cartagena, Colombia & Leticia, Colombia) [V]
  • Sunglasses (Buenos Aires, Argentina) [V]
  • Buff (Leticia, Colombia) [J]
  • Cardigan (Marrakesh, Morocco) [V]


  • iPhone 6 (Cusco, Peru) [V]


  • Sony Cybershot TX10 (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador) [V]
  • Sony Cybershot TX 5 (Mindo, Ecuador) [J]
  • Nikon D7000 (later determined to be the 17mm-105mm lens, THRICE (Mindo, Ecuador and Cusco, Peru, then Livingstone, Zimbabwe when a tourist dropped her lion walk stick on it) [V]
  • Surge protector travel power adapter (Cusco, Peru) [V]
  • Surge protector travel power bar (Marseille, France) [V]
  • Glass Lens Filter (Barcelona, Spain) [V]
  • “Shockproof” Portable Harddrive (1TB), fell from sofa to floor and died. (Bordeaux, France) [V]


  • Hiking Poles [V]
  • Messenger Bag [J]

Sent Home:

  • Travel Pillow [V]
  • 1 Camelbak Clear Water Purification System [V]
  • 2 pairs of socks [V]
  • Rough Guides “First Time Around The World [V]
  • Gorilla Tripod [V]
  • 2 x iPhone 6 charging cables [V]
  • 1 Floppy Hiking Hat [J]
  • 1 Fedora [J]
  • Long Sleeved Shirt [J]
  • Poncho [J]
  • 1 pair of socks [J]
  • 1 expired passport [V]
  • 3 Moroccan Lamps (souvenirs) [V]
  • 1 pair of leather ballet flats (souvenirs) [V]
  • 1 sundress [V]
  • 1 alpaca sweater bought in Peru [v]
  • 1 alpaca toque bought in Peru [V]
  • 1 pair of workout leggings [V]
  • 3 tank tops [V]
  • 1 long skirt bought in Dubai [V]
  • 2 x snorkes and masks [V & J]