While we visited several cities in Spain, for the first week I was feeling some ill effects of our time in Morocco, and wasn’t able to get out for a run until we reached Granada.  It was worth the wait.  Granada is a beautiful city to run in, offering a beautiful city (with sane drivers), a long canal that has both city and country stretches, and the Dehesa del Generalife, a 458 hectare park park overlooking Granada, the Sierra Nevada, and the Alhambra.

The canal is nice and flat with plenty of green space dotting the route, and the Dehesa de Generalife had plenty of trails to choose from, and easy access from the centre of Granada.

Date: 5 June 2016
Distance: 5.3 km
Time: 30:32 minutes
Location: Granada, Spain


Date: 7 June 2016
Distance: 12.0 km
Time: 1:46:54
Location: Dehesa del Generalife, Granada, Spain