Running around Athens is extraordinary.  Being able to jog around the hill of the muses and to the Parthenon is quite a treat, if only for the scenery.

Date: 6 Aug 2016
Distance: 5.4 km
Time: 41:18
Location: Athens, GreeceThere were several other joggers out there as well taking in the sights, and getting their runs in before the heat. I’ve said this before of other locales but, Greece (especially in August) is hot.  I can partially blame the slow speed on this, but also I’ve just not been getting in as many runs as previously.    I’ll just have to keep at it!
Date: 9 Aug 2016
Distance: 5.0 km
Time: 34:13
Location: Anogia, CreteRunning around goat paths and possibly trespassing while visiting Anogia.  I was definitely the only runner out there, and got a few strange looks from passing cars the few times I was actually on a paved road.
Date: 9 Aug 2016
Distance: 11.0 km
Time: 2:25:47
Location: Kalambaka, GreeceThis was a trail run taking in some of the awesome stone monoliths and monasteries of Meteora, near Kalambaka, Greece.  I got a little lost near the start and got a little closer to a run-off cliff edge than I would have liked, but it was an amazing trail run.  It was good to get some scrambling in as well.  I wrote more about Meteora here.