This post is not going to do Mount Olomana justice. Victoria and I have attempted it once before, but due to heat, mud, and bugs, we turned around. This time we got a little bit drier weather, and were able to make it to the first peak. The second and third peaks of Olomana, while lower down, are much more dangerous, with steep ridges and we decided to stick to the first peak.

We parked outside the golf course, up the road where we knew we wouldn’t get towed, and walked the way into the trailhead. The trail to the first peak itself is about 4km long, with 485m elevation gain. A lot of it is dark red clay, which coming from Vancouver is a colourful treat.

The hike took us just over two hours, and the views from the top were amazing. Some of the scrambling sections were a bit rough, but totally worth it for the views

For anyone attempting the hike, I’d recommend a good supply of water, good waterproof shoes, and a brave spirit to conquer the scramble!