It’s really crept up on us, this great adventure of ours. It was August, we got married, we blinked, and now it’s February. We’ve got a tentative departure date of March 15th and so far it feels like we’re nowhere near ready.

We both have spent countless hours researching everything from what to bring to what vaccines we need all the way through to what to do with all our stuff and all the loose ends we have to tie up. Honestly planning a trip like this is daunting enough to make you second guess yourself every step of the way. But slowly we’ve managed to chip away at some rather large things.

  • We’ve found a property management company that will handle renting out our apartment while we’re gone. They take a sizable commission but we’re not out to make money on it so that doesn’t bother us – we just don’t want to be losing money having it sit empty. We’ve decided to sell the apartment as well so our realtor will be joining forces with them to handle all that while we’re enjoying the wonders of the world
  • We’ve bought a 10’x10′ storage shed and my mom has kindly allowed us to park it in her back yard. Everything that doesn’t stay in the apartment (we’re renting it furnished) goes in there.
  • We’ve both bought our respective bags. It took a lot of research to come up with our choices (spreadsheets!) and we’ll probably do a separate post on them, but we have our bags, and that’s a good thing.
  • We’ve decided on our first two stops. I’ll save sharing what those are for later.

Well, now that I see them as bullet points, it’s not a lot we’ve managed to do. We still have to figure out what to do with our car, our motorcycles, change our mailing address with everything (and those are lots of things!), and buy our flights. Actually, that doesn’t seem that huge either. There’s the whole thing about leaving our jobs that is looming over us as well, but I’m sure that’ll be more like a band-aid where once we rip it off quickly we’ll feel better.


Til the next update!