Dubai is, to put it simply, hot.  While we were there it was regularly 35C or more during the day, and would dip down to a cool 25-30C at night.  This was “nice” according to my sister whom we were visiting, because summer hadn’t arrived and it hadn’t gotten “hot” yet.  Because of this, I was very happy to be struggling with jet lag on our second day in the UAE.  It allowed me to get out for a run while the sun was up, but still (mostly) below the buildings.  I wasn’t lucky enough to find any parks to run in as I did in Argentina – the only green I found was a golf course and the guards posted didn’t make it seem like they wanted me running around their fairways. As such this run was all through well paved city streets, so there were no worries about twisted ankles or injuries; it was mostly an uneventful run.  I didn’t happen to see any other runners on this particular run, but did on a few other “cool” evenings, so I didn’t feel too odd.

I was happy to add another country to my running list, but I didn’t attempt another in Dubai due to the heat.  I stuck to playing squash with my brother-in-law and seeing the sights with the family.


Date: 11 May 2016
Distance: 4.4 km
Time: 27:59 minutes
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates